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Condo Management Services

Freedom Community Management services condo associations in Florida. Our condo management services are designed to address the unique needs of condominiums.

Unparalleled Condominium Management Services

Managing a condominium is more than managing a single-family community. Condominiums have special needs, given their distinct structure and features.


Freedom Community Management understands the way condominiums operate. We strive to ease the burden of condo board members by providing services crafted explicitly for condominium associations.


Our Florida condo management services include the following:

Building and Facilities Maintenance

We understand the unique challenges of condominium living. Our maintenance and repairs management services are tailored to focus on comprehensive building management. This includes regular inspections of all common areas, facilities, and infrastructure. 


Residents can submit maintenance requests seamlessly through our platform, ensuring swift and efficient resolution of building issues.

Accounting and Financial Reporting

Here at Freedom, we provide precise accounting and financial reporting. We conduct daily bank reconciliations and offer an online invoice approval system. Our detailed financial reports are accessible through our secure website, promoting transparency and informed decision-making.

Collection Services

We offer flexible payment options to accommodate condo owners’ diverse needs. Our collection services include multiple payment methods and a convenient recurring payment feature. This ensures timely dues collection and minimizes residents’ financial stress.

Violations Management

Maintaining community standards is essential in a condominium setting. Our violations management service enforces community rules fairly and consistently. We track violations, notify residents, and follow up to ensure compliance.

Architectural Request Oversight

Our team oversees architectural requests to ensure all modifications within the building meet community guidelines. We streamline the approval process, providing clear communication and timely feedback to residents.

Dispute Resolution

Our professional dispute resolution services help mediate conflicts efficiently and fairly. We aim to resolve issues swiftly to maintain a peaceful living environment for all residents.

Board Communication and Education

Effective board communication and education are vital for successful condominium management. Our website offers real-time performance tracking of property managers and direct access to financial reports.

Unit Owner Communication

Our platform facilitates two-way communication between condo owners and management. Residents can quickly contact us with concerns or questions, and we work to respond promptly.

Legal Assistance

Condominiums may be subject to specific regulations and laws. Our legal assistance services provide guidance and support to ensure your community adheres to all regulations.

Community Website and Owner Portal

Our community website and owner portal offer condo owners real-time visibility. Residents can view violations, maintenance updates, and architectural feedback requests.

A Reliable Condo Association Management Company

Freedom Community Management promises 24/7 access to important information and timely responses from our team of professionals. With modern technology and a commitment to transparency, we offer the best condo management services in Florida.

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