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Make every development phase a breeze with Freedom Community Management’s HOA developer services.

Professional HOA Developer Services in Florida

Planning a community development is no walk in the park. Everything from pre-development planning to construction and sales must be handled carefully. On top of compliance with state law, fulfilling your fiduciary duties as a developer and catering to resident needs can be challenging. 


Freedom Community Management can step in to make your life much easier. We provide professional HOA planned developer service to developers across the state. Our team of experts can help you easily establish, manage, and transition your community. Expect no less than the following Florida HOA developer services:

Governing Documents

Freedom Community Management can help you create, modify, and review the governing documents. We can also help you develop proper operational rules and restrictive covenants that make the most sense for the community.

Rule Enforcement

Every community can run well with proper rule enforcement. Let our team of experts handle everything related to policy creation and enforcement to foster an organized and peaceful environment. 

Community Maintenance Planning

Aesthetic appeal and physical integrity are vital to planned developments, but maintenance is a challenging task. Let us help you create a maintenance plan, coordinate with vendors, and obtain the best contracts for essential services. 

Financial Management

Managing a community’s finances is hard work. We assist developers by helping them with budget creation, insurance plan development, and monthly financial statement generation. We can also take care of reserve studies, reserve planning, and account setup.

HOA Transition

Is it time to turn over the community? We have your back every step of the way. Our team can facilitate the entire turnover process so your community is prepared to manage itself.

The Best HOA Developer Services in Florida

Freedom Community Management assists developers and builders in every stage of the development process. Whether you need assistance with pre-development planning or transitioning control, we have the expertise and resources to help you build a successful community. 

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